Support Group


For parents of strong-willed only children.

Do you have a strong-willed child? Are you afraid to take them out in public for fear of another big tantrum? Do you feel so exhausted by their high energy levels that at the end of the day you have no time for yourself, especially after the epic bedtime battles? Do you know there has to be a better way?

Then you need this course.

There isn't a programme anywhere else where the others in your group will know exactly what you're going through and be supportive. 

Very limited spaces. Only six people per group to ensure everyone gets heard and supported.


- 10 weekly group coaching sessions in Zoom

- Access to online course with recordings, handouts and 10 modules

- Two 30 minute, one-to-one coaching calls with Gianna (therapist, parent coach and mother to a strong-willed 4 year old)

- Private online group for extra support

- Optional listening partner

You are a loving, modern-day parent of a strong-willed only child, wanting only the best for your child, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and sometimes not good enough. 

Your days might be filled with calming your child's big emotions, taming their behaviours, trying to balance work and childcare, keeping a household running – all in the midst of a pandemic.

You are the peacekeeper, the tear-wiper, the negotiator, the pleader, the rule-enforcer, the one always doing things for others, while your personal needs often take the back seat.

You know there has got to be a solution for more calm and balance in your life.

You see glimpses of a joyful family life. Times when you feel really connected to your children. Feeling loved and loving.

But then all hell breaks loose again. There is screaming and tantrums and you're not being listened to you again.

You go to sleep wondering what you can do to stop this cycle, fearing that if something doesn’t change soon, you won’t be able to cope. Fearing that you will lose your once strong connection with your children or that they won’t grow up to be the compassionate, resilient and emotionally intelligent adults you would like them to be.


Sometimes it seems that despite our best efforts to be ‘good’ parents, things don’t always turn out like we expected them to be. Sometimes life as a parent can really feel out of our control, especially when our little ones are a bit more 'intense' than other children.


Not so long ago, I was in your shoes. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious, with no answers or solutions. I felt like I was the only one raising a strong-willed only while all of my friends' children seemed so calm and cooperative. 

Which is why I've created the Ultimate Parent Success Group for parents of strong willed only children. There isn't a programme anywhere else where the others in your group will know exactly what you're going through and be supportive. 

By the end of the group course, you will have learned all of the tools to be able to make a huge transformation in your family life and make some life-long friends in the process. 


Week 1 - Making peace with your parenting past: A lot of our beliefs, behaviours, values and how we parent come from the ways in which we were raised. We will look with gentleness and curiosity at your past and how it might be influencing your parenting style.

Week 2 - Your quantum mindshift as a parent: This week we will explore any limiting beliefs from your past and work together to let go of anything that isn't serving you or your family. 

Week 3 - Brain science and emotional intelligence: In the last two decades, we've learned a lot more about how the human brain learns and develops. This week we will be exploring tools you can use to manage stress and rewire your brain in joy. We will also discuss the importance of emotional intelligence for the present moment and for you and your child's future. 

Week 4 - Forgiveness and parenting: This week we will discuss the power of forgiveness. Are you holding onto any past or present hurts that you would like to release? Forgiveness helps you clear away any unconscious residue from the past and step fully into a new way of parenting.

Week 5 - Empowered Conversations: This week we will talk about the power of language. Are there people in your life (including your children) you would like to connect more deeply with? Having an empowered conversation is the first step towards getting your needs met, as well as the needs of the other person/people.

Week 6 - Integration and practice of a new mindset: By this week should already have been noticing profound shifts in the way you are thinking, feeling and acting and the positive impact this has on your and your family. This week we will reinforce all of the learning up to this point in the programme. 

Week 7 - Establishing boundaries: This is an area parents find most challenging. How do we establish boundaries and stick to them? What if our children don't want to listen to us? We will explore how to set a firm, healthy foundation based on your own values and beliefs. 

Week 8 - Exploring anger: It is easy to get triggered by our children's words or behaviours, which can lead to us shouting at them or getting angry. Anger is a normal human emotion which is worthy of further examination this week. 

Week 9 - Playful parenting: This week we will talk about the power of play and stories in your parenting. Both can be really powerful mediums for learning, growth and exploring feelings

Week 10 - Your personal transformation: This week we celebrate all that you've learned. Having a child is one of the greatest paths to personal transformation that we have, and by week ten you will have experienced profound shifts in many areas of your life. 


What past clients have said

This course gave me the opportunity to reconnect with myself, which is hard to do when you’re a full-time mummy. With this course, I had the opportunity to leave life at home and spend a couple of hours on me. The tools and meditations are something I will always have now, and I am able to incorporate these into my daily life. I think every mummy needs to have the time to reconnect and make sure that they spend some time thinking about themselves, so I will definitely be recommending Gianna and her...course to my local mummy friends. The tools will always be available to me, and my children, now, and the course has made me more aware of the importance of checking in with myself each day, which I didn’t ever do before

I would definitely recommend the course to others. It includes a fascinating mix of science, mindfulness and NLP – to name just a few! Gianna is really warm and approachable and fosters a friendly and open atmosphere within the group. So much so, I was really sad when the course ended! I’ve come away with some really helpful techniques for handling stress and a better understanding about how and why stress can spiral. I’m feeling generally more positive and content as a result!

K.J., SW London

K.B. SW London

A thoroughly enjoyable and helpful course to learn tools for a stress-free and joyful life. Gianna is a very knowledgable, caring and helpful teacher who will guide you every step of the way.
A life changing workshop, I highly recommend her programme!

Doing the course has giving me a lot more confidence in my ability to affect personal change – it feels like the start of a journey rather than an epiphany but I left the course feeling empowered to make positive change. I realised how unbalanced I was in focusing on negative/stressful experiences and actually how much joy and love and peace there is in my life. When my thoughts are running away with me I can (try to gently) guide them towards happy rather than sad things. it will take a long time I think to change, but I genuinely intend to move forward with the learning from the course.

anon, SW London

K.D., London

Gianna is not just an insightful therapist, but also has some great ideas for connecting with kids and bringing joy to her clients families.

I highly recommend working with Gianna. She is able to dig in and help you find insights what will truly shift your parenting.

S. A, Pakistan

L. R., USA