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Peacefully Parenting - 5 Week Challenge 14th-18th December

Updated: Jan 6

Do you have a determined, stubborn, strong-willed child who has big feelings? Does your child never seem to listen to you or take 'no' for an answer? Does it feel like they always want to be in control? Are they sensitive and get overwhelmed easily?

Do you find yourself upset and challenged with your child more than overjoyed and cooperative?

I totally get it because I am also the mother of a very strong-willed and sensitive daughter so we ride some quite high emotions like a roller-coaster in my home. I, like many parents, used to really struggle with overwhelm, stress and sometimes get triggered by my child. It used to feel like a battle of wills to get her to do even simple things like brush her teeth or eat her meals.

I have been working as a qualified Cognitive Therapist since 2007 so I have a lot of tools at my disposal, but even I didn't realise how being a parent could trigger so many feelings and beliefs in me that I didn't even know existed (or thought I'd cleared years ago)!

Through searching for answers (and reading every parenting book out there) I found the Conscious Parenting community, received my own coaching and discovered a whole new way to connect and communicate with my daughter in ways I didn't think were possible.

I am now passionate about helping others to learn how to do the same. When we reflect on our own journeys and communicate with our children from our hearts, we teach them how to manage their emotions and work with them (rather than against them) in a compassionate way. This means we are able to raise children who will be able to go into the wider world with the tools they need to succeed, be kind and loving and have healthy future relationships.

So over 5 days (from 20:30 GMT each night) I will be covering topics that will help you to move from distress to de-stress in your parenting. We will discuss compassionate communication, setting loving boundaries, looking after yourself and the power of play in parenting and I will answer any questions you might have.

We will be going live in my private Facebook group where you will receive powerful tips on creating a better connection with yourself and your child from me another other participants. Book your space below and mark your calendars. I cannot wait for you to see you there!


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