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Autumn Leaves - Time for Reflection

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

The days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing colour. Nature is in a period of transformation, preparation for hibernation and the sloughing off of the old to prepare for the rebirth of Spring. This is why Autumn is an excellent time for self -development and reflection. It is my favourite time of year and when I do my best inner clearing work and here's why:

1. There is more time - with more rainy days and longer nights, there is more time spent indoors and less activities competing for our attention (Of course, Coronavirus has also unfortunately served to curtail our normal social activities too.) You might choose to get more crafty with the kids, bake more together, or start a new family tradition. Any new activity to strengthen your connection with your kids and yourself is a positive one.

2. Reflection - you might choose to pick a rainy day to start journaling. Write down your goals, dreams and thoughts from the past and for the future. This is an excellent way to be sure you are leaving behind those things that are no longer serving you, meaning you can get closer to the achieving the things that are important for you and your family. Maybe you want to focus on clearing limiting beliefs, creating a new positive habit in your life, or making a mind map of what direction you'd like to be moving towards by the start of the new year.

3. Mindfulness - Autumn is an excellent time to start a mindfulness practice. Start by taking a short mindful walk in nature alone or with your family. Create a list of items for your child to find and check them off the list. For example acorns, pinecones, different coloured leaves, spider webs, tree roots, puddles, etc. As they find an item, take a pause an examine it. What are its properties? Is it hard, smooth, what does it smell like, or sound like? Then, pause to be aware of the things you can see, hear or smell around you.

Click here for a free resource - 4 Mindfulness Exercises for Children.

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