Family Portrait 2


Weekly online group to learn and practice tools of emotional self-regulation

Thursdays at 8pm GMT

We will explore:

  • The 6 tools needed to de-stress as a parent, some of which you can teach to your children

  • How to clear away beliefs or behaviours from the past that get in your way

  • How to teach yourself and your child emotional intelligence

  • How to use empathy and compassion in your parenting


This group is for you if:

  • You want a deeper connection with yourself and your family

  • You want to gain confidence as a parent

  • You would like to learn in a safe and loving small group setting

  • You are ready to transform how you think, feel and act

  • You are up for a journey in which you will clear limiting beliefs and finally start getting your needs met

Just £50 per month. Join or cancel anytime.