Support Group


Get support from me and fellow parents

12 week group programme including an online course, 12 group coaching sessions, 1 individual session and a private group discussion space.

Group coaching sessions meet on Tuesdays from 8-9pm (UK time)


If you prefer to learn the Joyful Parent Coaching tools as a group, you can join our 12-week group programme. The programme includes: a 30 minute individual welcome call, 12 group sessions (meeting once a week online), access to The Ultimate Parent Success Online Course for life, access to an exclusive online forum for group connection and support throughout and a 30 minute personal overview call at the end. The group size is kept small to ensure optimal learning and support.


By the end of the group course, you will have learned all of the tools to be able to make a huge transformation in your family life. 

Week 1 - Welcome and Orientation: This week, we will get settled in, comfortable and set intentions for our journey together as a group. 

Week 2 - Setting Your Intentions as an Empowered Parent: This week we will explore the strengths and resources you already have available to you, set your intentions as an empowered parents, explore your top three personal values and cover active and reflective listening. 

Week 3 - The Ten Pillars of Empowered Parenting: A lot of your beliefs, behaviours, values and how you parent come from the ways in which you were raised. We will look with gentleness and curiosity at your past and how it might be influencing your parenting style. We will also explore the 'head,' 'heart,' and 'hands' which make up the pillars of empowered parenting.

Week 4 - Making Sense of Attachment Science: Attachment is the quality of connection between the carer and caregiver. This week we will look at different attachment styles and explore together how you can create a secure attachment in yourself which you can then instil in your child/ren. The greatest gift you can give your child/ren is to show up. And to show up for them you need to show up for yourself.

Week 5 - Making Sense of Nervous System Science: If you are not in awareness and connection with your autonomic nervous system, especially the cues of your internal physiology, then you cannot access consciousness, and conscious choice when you are triggered. You become “at the mercy of your reactivity.” This week we explore learning the sequence of self-regulation, so you can model and support your children to learn to do the same, in time. 

Week 6 - Making sense of mindsight and brain science: When you understand the way your brain is structured, how it works, and how to support optimal brain growth and activation, you are giving yourself and our child/ren the gift of a lifetime. Right now, as a parent, you are living with the most sacred, and enormous of missions: you wield the tools that literally shape your child’s brain.

Week 7 - Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence is the language we learn to thrive in intimate, interpersonal relationships. Understanding your emotions, and the communication between your heart, head, and nervous system supports you, as the parent, to embody the emotionally mature qualities you long for your child/ren to adopt as they grow. Communicating your feelings, needs, and beliefs supports you to be heard, to be understood, and to be seen and to do the same for your child/ren.

Week 8 - Empowered Conversations: This week we explore how you can better communicate with you child/ren (and other adults in your life) so that you are heard, listened to and understood. We will explore non-violent communication, 'power-over' language and 'power-under' communication. 


Week 9 - Establishing Boundaries from Family Values: Firm and consistent boundaries are needed for your child/ren to feel safe and held. The whole energy around establishing boundaries is to connect and cooperate with your child. You're not enforcing anything, you are providing a structure. You are trusting that your child/ren will learn your family limits over time, with lots and lots of practice and empathy.

Week 10 - Exploring Anger and Healthy Aggression: Most parents struggle with impatience, irritability, and long to be more calm, less reactive, and more peaceful within. This week we look at what anger is, where it comes from and how you can create a secure attachment with anger, both for yourself and your child. 

Week 11 - Playful Parenting and Storytelling: With nervous system science in mind, you begin to understand that play is the social engagement that brings life. You recognize how exercising playfulness and actively playing with your child/ren nurtures their sense of security and belonging to themselves, their family and life around them.

Week 12 - Your Personal Transformation: This week we celebrate how far you have come on your journey to being an empowered parent. We reflect back on all of the amazing changes you have made and the impact they have had on your own self-development and the connection you have with those you love.